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The Dragon With Iron Fists Gently Strokes With Velvet

The Dragon With Iron Fists Gently Strokes With Velvet

Considering hiring me as your Sensitivity Editor but wondering exactly how this all works?

I’ve done several different kinds of official edits so far: ranging from non-fiction books, About Me pages, and even blog posts. If you’re wondering what all might need a sensitivity consult, some examples are:

  • checking your VR game for boundary-violating possibilities and spoonie accessibility
  • taking a look over company documents to ensure inclusivity
  • making sure the tropes in your sci fi book aren’t damaging or too stereotypical
  • providing historical context and parallels for your epic fantasy
  • providing accurate and detailed information about sexual variation, anatomy, and physiology or scientific or philosophical background
  • examine or provide a sensitive transcript for your social justice vlog or queer video
  • if you’re not sure how your project can be sensitively edited but love the idea of being accurate and inclusive, contact me and I can give you a tailor-made plan and pricing

You can directly see how my services work at the link below.

Here’s what Craig Ruhland shared with me after I gave him advice on inclusive company culture:

Hello! I wanted to give a quick update on the above. Happy to report progress is being made. Advice that you gave me about focusing on culture and creating a place where people want to work really resonated. So, thanks!

Here’s what Louisa Leontiades, author of The Husband Swap and several other amazing memoirs, had to say:

Michon’s great new service for writers and bloggers who want to be more sensitive to cultures and minorities. We’ve discussed at length the educational need for those who want to operate in solidarity, but don’t necessarily have the time or spoons to educate themselves or hunt through all the literature. Please do share this service.

We think it ticks all the boxes — financially supports minority livelihood, transparently but gently revises non-inclusive content (we call it ‘the iron fist in the velvet glove’ approach!) and demonstrates by example that whilst ignorance is part of our humanity, it is not so difficult to know better and do better. Feedback welcome.

And here’s our agreement and the link to the work itself:

SENSITIVITY EDIT. It’s my new thing. In my ongoing mission to make sure my work isn’t reductive to minority groups I’ve committed to getting a sensitivity edit of one blog post a month from my colleague Michon Neal. This is a paid service they provide and deservedly so! For my own work, I’ve chosen to display the feedback and leave the original untouched for the sake of transparency, so that you can see where I could be more inclusive next time. If you want Michon to provide this service for your blog, either ping her on fb or find her email on every post which has been — ahem — sensitively edited! ***NB. The monthly sensitivity edit blog post will be chosen by my patrons*** This first one was inspired by Conor Byworth. Thanks.


See my edit of Louisa’s article, “Are You a Burning Woman?”

If you’re interested in hiring me to take a look at your site, bio, or post, my rates start at $60 per hour per work (up to 2000 words), with considerations for the financially underprivileged. For longer or more involved works, please contact me.