Pick Your Sweet Poison

I have unique insight into a variety of issues: from relationships to fiction to marginalized identities.

I offer editing for: 

  • fiction books
  • nonfiction
  • blog entries
  • essays
  • bios
  • VR games
  • presentations


  • starting at $60 per hour for short works/blogs/etc
  • starting at $2 per minute for Woke transcription
  • starting at $550 per project*
  • subscription options also available, please ask about them!

Why I set this price:

I am fairly rare and one hell of a bird. As such, my time and labor are in high demand. I can give input on an extremely wide variety of topics, identities, and experiences that you’re unlikely to find elsewhere in one reader!

Feeling generous?

If you are a person of some relative privilege, please check out the Pay it Forward pricing on Postmodern Woman; you can help a marginalized author receive my services!

In need of generosity?

In the event that you are a multiply-marginalized person, fret not! Contact me with your circumstances and I can offer you an individualized plan.


*Note: This rate applies for works starting at 25,000 and up to 60,000 words. Services such as proofreading, formatting, editing, internal logic, consideration for longer works, etc are available as extras. Please allow up to 30 days for turnaround. I expect to receive the completed work within 3 days of accepting payment. The 30 days for turnaround begins from the date I receive the project, and may be adjusted by agreement in the event of extenuating circumstances.