Bite Into An Example, If You Dare

Here you shall find various examples of my work in different mediums.

Examples of Edited Biographies:


Courtnee's Before


Courtnee's After (which she may not keep, but used with her permission)

Courtnee has been writing, performing, producing, and recording her own music since the mid-90s, before it was cool!

Born in Sacramento, she decided a mere 17 years later that shit wasn’t cutting it and followed the tech boom all the way to…

Seattle, WA.

But unable to not be cool, she soon became known as the solo artist Not Applicable, “One of’s fastest rising electronic allstars” and was also formerly known as Papastathis before settling on being the amazing Courtnee Fallon Rex, musical octopus extraordinaire!

Courtnee’s music tends to be a downtempo ethereal soul, melodic soft rock, peppered in vulnerable ukulele, macabre accordion, with ambient electronic undertones, rich piano sounds, and the occasional music box. The feel is dark and reflective, while strangely exhilarating and hopeful. Similar vocalists include Sinead O’Connor, Jewel, Lisa Gerrard & Beth Gibbons of Portishead.

People don’t describe Courtnee as being a musical octopus for nothing; she currently uses simple instrumentation, looping, and voice to create music that’s more than the sum of its parts.

Courtnee Fallon Rex‘s performances are intimate, haunting, beautiful, and tinged with menace. A visual artist as well as a musician, Courtnee prefers performing house shows, small clubs, and her own visual art receptions.

Her music’s been featured in numerous student films, among them Horrorvision (2001) and Jigsaw (2002).

Additionally, in nearly two decades of development in the Pacific Northwest, her musical work as Courtnee Fallon Rex has evolved, while still retaining the haunting, creepily exhilarating artistry she is originally known for.

Her personal discography, albums, and shows (she does it all) include creations such as “Songs of Leaving”, “Embodied”, “Autochthon”, “Keep Going”, and finally, after a fortuitous bout of busking in New Orleans ended in a chance meeting with Mark Bingham, recorded “Decatur”.

That didn’t stop her from sharing that sweet stardom spotlight by teaming up with folks like The Dream Traveler (Joey Fehrenbach), Scribe Machine, and Aaron Marshall (Noct).

Her collaborative discography includes “Structure”, “Fragile”, “Headpusher” – bomb enough to be released via Fade Records in 2003 and featured on Reykjavik (Nick Warren’s Global Underground release).

She also recently performed for Amanda Palmer during the Art of Asking book tour in Los Angeles, and after a coincidental 17 years residing in Seattle, is currently stateless and traveling indefinitely.


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