Page of Praise!

You change the faces of places you’ll never see through the people you teach…did you know that?

-MN, about yours truly

Here you’ll see my effect on the people I encounter, in their own words.

Michon, you have a special talent at bringing the truth to “wyppo” (sp?) such as myself. You were the first person to truly open my eyes to my own white privilege. I “thought” I understood, but in continuing to read your words, I am opening and opening that door, previously unaware was shut. I thank you for that. I don’t know how to add a review, you can use this, and edit it if you wish. When you told me the absurdity of thinking, even THINKING, black men got the vote prior to white women!!! Wow. What an ignorant fool of culture I was. Until the education system is brave enough to make teaching our atrocities known in schools, having play acting where equally some are made to exist as other than white, made to be proud if other ethnicities, this architecture will not be broken. I viewed the 2 textbooks utilized in FL HS’s, only AP told the truth. The regular American History was quite different, white washing all. I had a teacher argue that there are standards, & teachers must teach the reality. It was a American History textbook FL “TEACHER” edition. How naive. We “guided indians to more agricultural lives” like giving them tiny reservations, stealing their children. Not written that part. Selma march MLK taught to use peaceful protest, take high road. Where’s the hoses, the dogs, the beatings???? Again thank you for opening my eyes so very well.

– LK

Michón is incredibly knowledgeable and on a large range of topics. I have not had to use Michón’s services because I am not a writer, but through reading many things Michón writes I imagine Michón is excellent at it. Michón’s articles, blog posts, and personal writings always offer a wealth of information and are sensitive to whoever may be reading! Hire Michón!
– KJ